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Windows 11 gets smarter, tests ai-powered ‘suggested actions

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Windows 11 gets smarter, tests ai-powered ‘suggested actions

Postprzez Kerly 29 Sie 2022, 19:27

Windows 11 Build 25115 for the Windows Insider Dev Channel, released this week, doesn’t offer much in the way of new features or fixes, although Windows’ speech platform has been tweaked to allow better voice activity detection and better guesses of where punctuation should be inserted during dictation. But Suggested Actions is something new.

Remember, since this is a Dev Channel release, there are no guarantees that this feature will be released to the Stable Channel of Windows 11. It only works for U.S. users at the moment, too.

When you’re copying a phone number, Windows will pop up an inline, light, dismissible UI that suggests ways to call the phone number using Teams or other installed apps that offer click-to-dial call functions, Microsoft said in a blog post. It will look like this:

Secondly, Microsoft will use the same light, dismissible UI when you’re copying a date. Here, Windows will suggest creating a calendar event (in Outlook, Calendar, or another app, depending on your preference). Windows will then populate the calendar with the best Decentralized Application development services an appointment that auto-fills the date and/or time that you’ve selected.

At one time, you could imagine Windows Mobile for phones creating calendar entries from dates that were sent via text or messaging apps. And we’ve seen Outlook, for example, allow you to highlight names and link to their profile pages. If this takes off, we’d imagine that you’ll see a “smarter” UI appear in many different Microsoft apps so that highlighting a word does more than just search for it in Bing. The question, of course, is which actions Windows will take and how well they will work under those scenarios.
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Windows 11 gets smarter, tests ai-powered ‘suggested actions

Postprzez janewild 09 Gru 2022, 15:57

In order to safeguard consumers from identity theft, Microsoft has added two new security measures. First off, Windows 11 Enterprise versions now come pre-installed with Credential Guard activated by Microsoft. By using methods like pass-the-hash, the feature uses VBS to protect users from credential theft. It also stops malware from obtaining system secrets. I just read it on reputable mobile application development agency blog. It was well-written being a developer I always pursue their news and blogs for learning purposes.
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