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What are new marketing changes?

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What are new marketing changes?

Postprzez TingxoGamchu 06 Maj 2023, 08:54

What are the new changes in marketing that have occurred recently, specifically related to TikTok and Instagram? Additionally, what are the new ad tracking changes that have come into effect in the European Union from this week?
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What are new marketing changes?

Postprzez woronova 22 Maj 2023, 17:22

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What are new marketing changes?

Postprzez TahuluLimia 29 Maj 2023, 13:09

In recent times, there have been notable changes in marketing, particularly concerning TikTok and Instagram. Both platforms have introduced various features and updates to enhance marketing opportunities. TikTok has gained significant popularity as a platform for organic reach and viral content, allowing brands to engage with a wide audience through creative and entertaining videos. Instagram, on the other hand, has introduced features like Reels and Guides, providing new avenues for content creation and brand promotion.

Regarding ad tracking changes in the European Union, a significant development is the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive. These regulations aim to protect user privacy and require businesses to obtain explicit consent for tracking user data and displaying personalized ads. This means that advertisers now need to ensure compliance with stricter data protection policies, including obtaining consent and providing transparent information to users about data usage.

It's important to stay updated with the specific guidelines and regulations of each platform and region to effectively navigate these changes and ensure compliance with the latest advertising practices.
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