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How to define critical features for your mvp

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How to define critical features for your mvp

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How to Prioritize MVP Features
With vast hands-on experience in app development, our experts can suggest some well-proven approaches to prioritization for MVP features. They constitute an effective algorithm of actions applicable to MVPs from any business sector.
Research what your direct competitors are
Understanding the holistic picture of your business domain is incomplete without clearly recognizable direct competitors. Investigate what they are and how they treat the user audience you presumably will share. Your competitors have already marinated themselves in the domain to gain valuable practical experience. Try to search their paths toward customers’ pockets and learn from their mistakes. It will give you a clue about which MVP features to prioritize.
Define killer features
Hardly the full functionality of your MVP can be entirely relevant for the killer app you are going to create. Some features will inevitably appear auxiliary. When prioritizing MVP features, it is crucial not to confuse killer features with merely supporting ones.
Create a unique value proposition
After successfully passing through all previous steps, a comprehensive concept regarding the value your solution can bring to the users should finally emerge. Moreover, the value proposition should be unparalleled among possible analogs from your direct competitors. The user experience provided by your MVP should leave no chance for your target audience to ignore your service. Do your best to be irresistible.
Adopt a customer-centric development mindse
To make your solution highly demanded by users, you should regularly feel yourself in the customers’ shoes. While prioritizing one or another MVP feature, put yourself in the place of the end user. This is how a customer-centric development mindset appears. Such an approach can let you make no mistake in meeting customer expectations.
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