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Finding more examples of a particular design

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Finding more examples of a particular design

Postprzez HanogThamers 30 Sty 2023, 06:26

I'm looking to create some graphics in the style of a sort of 90s technology-exposed to the elements theme. I first saw this in the retro game The Lost World Jurassic Park Chaos Island where the players UI is a satnav/tablet device with buttons.

In a far more recent game called the Ilse it includes a more modern looking but still similar style theme with a tablet device, digitized text and even some radar animation, a checker pattern in the background of the screen, scanning lines (in motion) and almost a fallout style green tint. This one also has a exposed to the elements style.

Closest I can think of is a pit boy but 90s technology and of course Jurassic Park. I'm trying to find more examples or a better description for search terms. Would appreciate any comments of anything related that echatspin echatrandom comes to mind.
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Finding more examples of a particular design

Postprzez timeline67 14 Mar 2023, 06:13

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