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Doodle jump 2 review: a modern take on a classic

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Doodle jump 2 review: a modern take on a classic

Postprzez Sarahlisa17 07 Mar 2023, 12:43

Anyone who has played the original Doodle Jump will be able to immediately recognize this Doodle Jump 2 version.. The controls are completely unchanged, and the core concept of the Doodle is reaching new heights. On the other hand, the game's art and animations have been completely redesigned, with excellent results.
When you launch Doodle jump 2 for the first time, you'll be greeted by an intro screen full of static platforms with a single adorable monster wiggling over their heads. The monster has even been known to "wiggle" to further its endearing qualities. You can find Doodles, or more specifically, a horizontally scrolling list of Doodles, at the bottom of the screen. This list is numbered 1 through 8, representing the eight levels of Doodle Jump on poki, each with its own intro screen and wiggly monsters.
This game is full of interesting and lovely animations. The level list contains a "level 0" list of Doodlers, which when scrolled reveals a monster disguised as a Doodler. This is not a playable level, but a cute easter egg that sets the tone for the entire game.
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Doodle jump 2 review: a modern take on a classic

Postprzez emmausa 16 Mar 2023, 09:11

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Doodle jump 2 review: a modern take on a classic

Postprzez Tual1981 18 Mar 2023, 10:06

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Doodle jump 2 review: a modern take on a classic

Postprzez Manisoa 24 Mar 2023, 10:23

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