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Recommended platform bed types platformbedexpert

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Recommended platform bed types platformbedexpert

Postprzez williescales 24 Lut 2024, 17:28

Recommended Platform Bed Types - Platformbedexpert.com

Platform beds are straightforward and chic; therefore, adding one to your bedroom is a classic move that you will be happy about. One impressive attribute about platform beds is that they came to get rid of a box spring, making it more affordable than the typical traditional beds without distorting their quality. Consequently, multiple platform beds are differentiated and characterized by their material, structure, and design.

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Platform Bed Types

#1. Contemporary

Contemporary platform beds are the most basic, characterized by their minimalist designs. Its straightforward design is highly suitable for minimalist bedroom décor and rustic-themed bedrooms. However, its versatility makes it suitable for any bedroom decor as it can blend easily. These platform bed types are exceptionally durable as their expert construction is from sturdy hardwood such as maple, mahogany, or oak. Therefore, it is not surprising that these platform bed types are trendy.

#2. Modern


These types of platform beds have progressively evolved between the early 19th century. They are easily distinguishable because of their clean, simple styles, which are sleek with flowing patterns and lines. Natural and solid materials such as leather, teak, and oak are the primary components used to construct these beds. The modern type is quite similar to contemporary but still displays traditional style attributes. Modern types of beds accentuate current interior designs to ensure that they keep up with the trends and are not out of date.

#3. Traditional

These immensely functional platform bed types have great adornments and attractive designs that require complementary furniture and décor to balance their general appearance. Additionally, they have a moderately higher profile compared to contemporary platform beds. Importantly, traditional platform beds are out of fashion nowadays. Multiple robust hardwood species are primary materials used to construct these beds, and they are exceptionally durable when properly maintained.

#4. Eco-friendly

These beds can be any style, but what makes them stand out is the environment-friendly materials used in their construction. These platform beds can consist of any material that has little or no environmental impact in its manufacture. When making these beds, the manufacturers majorly avoid the heavy glues and metals with high VOC content.

#5. Wood platforms

These platform beds lay on the floor with little or no elevation—the sturdy wooden frameworks border around the mattress with particular styles, with others covered with upholstery. The low height incorporated makes it effortless to get in and out of bed. These beds are either partially or fully upholstered with their simple designs, accentuating the minimalist or modern décor.

#6. Storage bed

Also referred to as space-saving beds, these platform beds are immensely functional since they have drawers on their footboards and underneath the bed and shelves on the headboard. Ample storage space is provided for one to store their items easily to reduce clutter in the bedroom. These beds draw many people because of their outstanding storage features.

Recommended platform bed types

#1. KD Frames Nomad plus King size platform bed

This platform bed is characterized as a minimalist Swedish design. It is constructed from poplar hardwood grown in Virginia that does not have any stain, chemicals, or color, making it eco-friendly. This platform bed falls under the eco-friendly and wood platform bed category since it is solely made from poplar hardwood with no chemicals.

The bed frame’s top is 15 inches above the floor, leaving an ample clearance space of 12 inches, which allows one to store their items. The sturdy wooden slats are 28 inches apart, which provides robust and even support, providing a weight capacity of six hundred pounds. You can paint its unfinished frame if need be; therefore, you can customize it; however, you would like.

#2. Cruz Velvet Navy platform bed

Elevate your bedroom décor with this excellently crafted contemporary platform bed. The exceptional headboard is expertly button-tufted, which keeps the thick padding in place, therefore offering utmost comfort and adds a chic, textural, and unique appearance to your bedroom. The sleek and chic navy velvet upholstery adds a luxurious touch to your bedroom. The solid metal legs provide excellent support and enhance a contemporary silhouette to your bedroom. The sturdy wooden slat foundation offers the utmost support. Therefore, a box spring is unnecessary.

#3. Pinheiro Tufted Upholstered platform bed

Falling under the modern type of platform bed, the Pinheiro Tufted Upholstered King platform bed is the perfect accessory for your bedroom décor. It features a clean squared-off-button tufted headboard, which gives off an elegant and chic appearance. Moreover, the sturdy side rails, solid wooden slats, and a sturdy center support foundation are designed to provide the utmost support and last for a long time. This affordable platform bed has a weight capacity of seven hundred pounds and a stress-free limited warranty of five years.

#4. Brookside Anna Upholstered Storage Platform bed


This platform bed brings a classic and chic style to your bedroom because of its thick and chic diamond tufting headboard. This platform bed is a beautiful, upholstered storage bed with drawers with ample storage space where one can quickly store their items, making the bed highly functional.

The sturdy center support bar and the solid wooden slats offer the most comfortable support of up to eight hundred pounds. You can find the linen-like fabric finishing in four available colors such as black, cream, charcoal, and stone. Moreover, there is a two-year limited warranty that accompanies this unique piece of furniture.

#5. Homelife Premiere Classics Sleigh Platform bed

Boost your bedroom’s décor without straining your finances with this unique traditional type of platform bed. Its sleigh design makes it look luxurious and more expensive than it is. Its light beige, linen-like fabric upholstery makes it effortless to match different bed linens of color, texture, and pattern, therefore, blending with several bedroom décor styles.

The wooden slats provide significant support to the mattress, therefore giving you a comfortable sleep and rest. A limited 5-year warranty comes with this unique platform bed, assuring you replacements and repairs from the manufacturer if any defects are detected. Moreover, assembling this best platform bed Platformbedexpert is not challenging as it comes with clear and detailed instructions on how to install it.


Well, there you have it all! With this comprehensive guide, you will at least know what type of platform bed you may be interested in. Rest assured that these are the most positively reviewed and favored platform beds that will perfectly blend with your bedroom style. Hopefully, this gives you intense insight into the multiple types of platform beds that are out there. With the numerous benefits accompanying these different types of platform beds, the decision to revamp your bedroom solely lies in your hand now! 
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Recommended platform bed types platformbedexpert

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